Jose Guillermo Garcia Sierra is a Mexican painter based in Tiohtià:ke. (Montreal)
His works are often playful collages that seek to exploit the allegorical, narrative & experiential meaning within them. His compositions often suggest moments of tension that purposely incite completion from the viewer. In consequence, he is primarily interested in creating "paintings as experiences". The primary subjects within his pieces are often derived from personal experiences, Mexican Culture, philosophy & science. Jose Garcia is also a curator and has organized or juried exhibitions in various galleries & institutions. He has been the recipient of numerous academic & artistic awards.
Artist Statement:
My primary interest is to create playful constructions that seek to twist narratives around particular subjects giving them new identities and new realities. The personal appropriation of content and subject is something I enjoy playing with. The relationship between form and content is extremely important as they are going to be the elements that give rhythm, tone, and context to my paintings. As an artist, I am very open to the idea of my paintings as experiences as well as narrative imageries. I work with a plethora of themes and techniques in order to achieve this.  Furthermore, my works attempt to exponentially expand the potential of the content within them by the way that they interact with one another. The tension created from simply putting two elements together is incredibly appealing to me for example. The references in my paintings are varied and exist in dreamlike worlds, they maintain a surreal tone to them Working through collage, has been my primary tool to construct my compositions.
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